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The Secret Of Happiness Lies In Nature, The Beauty Of Flowers

Nature is considered the biggest healer, and many scientists have proposed how beneficial the natural environment is to the body.

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Every day we are encapsulating ourselves in our rooms, and thanks to the covid outbreak, we are forced to do so. But in all this, we forget about one of the most beautiful aspects of our lives - nature. Nature is considered the biggest healer, and many scientists have proposed how beneficial the natural environment is to the body, be it the fresh air from the trees or vitamin D from sunlight. Nature not only helps our physical body, but it also gives mental peace and calms our minds which a lot of us desperately need during this pandemic.

One such product of this nature is flowers. Flowers are an eternal source of beauty and joy and have been long associated with feelings like affection, love, etc. They act as instant mood lifters, and whenever we see a flower, it naturally changes the whole mood. If you are trying to reach the best florist near Baltimore MD, then you should definitely check out Josie's Florist.

How interacting with nature make us happier?

Sometimes we feel very sluggish and confine ourselves to our home. This is not good for us emotionally and we should regularly go outdoors because it can help get rid of the sluggishness in many ways:

  1. Enhances creativity: When we are alone in our home, our senses are dormant, as there is nothing much to adhere to. When we go outside, it stimulates our five senses and gets the creative juice flowing. The beautiful sight of flowers, their fresh smell can kickstart the brain and even help us get over the creative block.
  2. Good way of exercise: Whenever we are outdoors, there are several physical activities we can do. A walk through the park, some football time with the kids; all this exercise helps release dopamine in our body, and happiness is directly linked with dopamine levels thus, making us happier.
  3. Lowers stress levels: Most of the time, our homes are not illuminated properly, and living in darkness triggers our stress levels. When we go outside to soak some sunlight and feel some fresh air, it brings down our body's stress levels.
  4. Gratitude: Whenever we go outside and see the world, we realize how small we as an individual are in this cosmos and how just a small part of this biosphere is. There are hundreds of species co-living with us, which induces a sense of instant gratitude within us.
  5. Getting in sync: We need to remember that our body is made of natural elements like carbon and is meant to interact with other natural elements. Staying indoors prevents us from doing so, and that's why when we go outside after a long time, we feel fresh because our body is getting in sync with its natural counterpart, which is the environment.

How does the beauty of flowers make us happy instantly?

Three hormones control the happiness levels of our body: serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. The relation between dopamine secretion and flowers is quite historical. Our ancestors, who were hunter-gatherers, suffered a lot in winter due to a shortage of food. For them, the blooming of new flowers in the spring marked the end of their sad days and indicated an abundance of food that they get in the springs. That is why flowers trigger a special feeling in us humans.

The smell of flowers is not natural for us, and this new fragrance creates excitement in our brain, which releases serotonin. Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone, and we know how flowers act as a symbol of love and affection, thus releasing oxytocin in our bodies. What makes us the best florist near Baltimore MD, is that we believe that every human should constantly connect with nature. By keeping soothing flowers to their homes, humans can Live in sync with nature that not only helps them mentally or physically but emotionally too.

The visual impact of flowers

  1. Assists in healing: According to research, if flowers are kept in someone's hospital room, then the days they take to recover can decrease drastically. All the flowers bring with them an aura of warmth as they are appealing to our sense organs.
  2. Reduces stress: Some flowers have the natural ability to calm down a human's mind. That is why many scientists recommend keeping flowers and plants in our homes to uplift our moods.
  3. Color therapy: Some research concludes that different flowers of different colors can trigger certain emotions. For example, the color yellow is strongly associated with happiness, red with love, blue with tranquility, and purple with calmness. Since flowers come in so many colors, they are widely used in color therapy. It has been evident that color therapy has been beneficial in treating depression, uplifting mood, lowering stress and anxiety, and increasing a person's productivity.
  4. Helps in creating good moments: Flowers are used as a gift on all occasions like birthdays and weddings. It is also possible that your dear one gave you a certain flower on your first date, and as a result, every time you see the same flower, you think of that moment which makes you happy. Get the best birthday flowers baltimore md from here at josie's florist.